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At Couvreurs-DM We Take Care of Your Flat Roof, Everywhere in Montreal and the West Island!

Do you have to inspect, repair, install or replace your flat roof? If so, call on Couvreurs-DM, YOUR flat roof experts in Montreal and the West Island! In addition to providing courteous, personalized service, our experts do all your work quickly and thoroughly. In this blog post, we present our incomparable services! Enjoy!

Five Types of Work to Entrust to Our Team of Qualified Professionals

At Couvreurs-DM, our experienced and knowledgeable specialists take care of your flat roof, wherever you are on the West Island or in Montreal. In fact, we serve all 19 boroughs of the city, including LaSalle, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montreal-North and Saint-Laurent. Here are five types of work that you should entrust us without hesitation:


1. Roof inspection and maintenance: To extend the life of your flat roof, you must have it inspected annually by experts. In the spring, we go over your roof with a fine-toothed comb to identify any cracks or anomalies.

2. Roof repairs: Is your ceiling leaking? Is a layer of moss or vegetation settling in on your flat roof? Are your flashings damaged? Let us repair your roof!

3. Roof replacement: Do you need a new flat roof? Trust our professionals! We can not only replace your insulation material and cover, but also strengthen your frame.

4. Roof snow removal: To prevent damage from snow or ice buildup on your flat roof, you need to properly remove snow and ice. For best results, call us: it's about your safety!

5. Elastomeric membrane installation: Entrust us with the installation of an elastomeric membrane to prolong the life of your flat roof! Our roofers will check that it is well ventilated and properly attached.

Wherever You Are in Montreal or the West Island, We Can Meet Your Needs!

Are you looking for the services of a roofer specialized in flat roofs on the West Island or in Montreal? If so, you can trust Couvreurs-DM! Whether you need a residential, commercial or industrial roof, we have all the skills required to get the job done right. Ask for a free estimate or contact us!