Flat roof repainted in white to reflect away heat

With Global Warming, Will White Roofs Become the Norm?

The scientific community and environmental groups are sounding the alarm: climate change is a phenomenon that can no longer be ignored. Although initiatives are being put forward in several parts of the world, it is obvious that it is not enough to prevent the increase of droughts and the extinction of animal and plant species, among others. At Couvreurs-DM, flat roof experts in the Montreal area (Rosemont, LaSalle, Saint-Léonard, Saint-Laurent, etc.), we contribute in our own way to the environmental cause by installing white roofs. Read on to find out more!

Heatwaves in Urban Areas: A Deadly Phenomenon
Nowadays, heat waves are getting hotter and longer and happening more often. In cities, air pollution creates heat islands that make summers almost unbearable, especially for the most vulnerable citizens. Last summer, Montreal had its hottest July in 97 years and several deaths in the province were blamed on heat waves. Unfortunately, since this trend is not likely to end soon, we are better off to accept the situation and adjust our behaviours accordingly!

White Roofs: A Simple and Effective Solution
As you know, the sun's rays are attracted to dark colors. Dark gray or black surfaces absorb heat – just walk barefoot on new asphalt on a sunny day and see how hot it gets! Conversely, white repels the sun's rays. So, considering that roofs are architectural elements that are more exposed to the sun, we began a few years ago to lighten them up with the help of light shingles, white membranes and white gravel, which has had significant positive effects in several industrialized countries. In France and the United States, they paint roofs with white reflective paint to create a surprisingly effective "heat shield"!

Couvreurs-DM: Your Partner for an Eco-Responsible White Flat Roof
With climate change, will the white roof become the norm in Montreal and other major cities around the world? Only the future will tell! However, be aware that the RénoVert tax credit rewards homeowners who choose to install a white roof. This program is good for the environment – and for your wallet! – and has been extended until March 31, 2019. Would you like to get an estimate for a white roof? Contact us now!