Safely flat roof snow removal

How to Safely Clear Snow off a Flat Roof

When snow piles up on the roof and warmer weather comes in with rain and sleet precipitation, the snow on the roof can get so heavy that the entire structure of your building is in danger. At Couvreurs-DM, flat roof specialists in Montreal and Laval (elastomeric membrane, replacement, renovation and repair of residential and commercial roofs), we invite you to read this blog to find out how to safely clear snow off a flat roof.

The Best and Safest Way to Clear a Flat Roof: Call in the Experts
Flat roof snow removal is no easy task when you consider there is heavy snow that is hard to shovel, a danger of falling from heights or getting buried in snow and the risk of injury due to intense cold or overexertion! That is why the Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST) reminds residential and commercial property owners that it is preferable to entrust roof snow removal to experts who know and apply all the techniques to safely clear snow and ice.

Still Want to DIY? Read These Professional Tips Before You Start!
Before you jump in to clear snow off your roof, take the time to plan out your work. Here are some recommendations:

  • Ask for help from someone who can assist you in case of complications or accident
  • Before proceeding, determine the area where you will dump the snow, then fence off access using a rope or other barrier
  • Use a hoist (lift) instead of a ladder to get up on the roof (if possible)
  • Wear a safety harness fastened to an anchor
  • Opt for a plastic snow thrower (avoid metal tools)
  • Do not remove all the snow: leave a layer about 15 cm deep to avoid damaging the roofing material

For greater safety during snow removal, the CNESST recommends the use of railings and creating a buffer zone at the edge of the roof.

Beware of Unskilled Snow Clearers that Can Damage Your Flat Roof!
When the winter is in full swing, snow clearers who have no qualifications come out of the woodwork. Be vigilant! At Couvreurs-DM, we are certified by the CCQ and recommended by Habitation CAA Québec. Snow removal is done by a team of specialists who work safely without damaging your property. Call us!