Flat roof snow removal Montreal

When Should You Clear Snow Off Your Flat Roof?

In the middle of winter, between clearing snow from your driveway, your stairs, your balcony and your car, did you think of your roof? It is in fact very important to clear the snow if too much has accumulated on the roof of your home, office building or plant. At Couvreurs-DM, flat roof experts in Montreal and the West Island, we do the job for you. In this blog article, we explain when and why you need to have your roof cleared.

Snow Load: THE Factor to Consider Before You Begin
Most flat roofs are designed to withstand some snow accumulation. The weight of the accumulated snow (the load) determines whether you need to proceed with a snow removal operation. You need to check not only how deep is the snow on your roof, but also its consistency - ice and hard packed snow are heavier than light, freshly fallen snow. It's time to contact a qualified professional to clear your roof if there is:

  • Ice: 15 cm or more 
  • Hard snow 40 cm or more 
  • Fresh snow 70 cm or more

In addition, be especially careful during thaws, because rain will weigh down the snow. In addition, ice accumulation in an ice storm can impede drainage, creating a heavier load on the roof.

Four Structural Warning Signs
The Régie du bâtiment du Québec recommends that you contact a snow removal expert as soon as possible if you note any of the following:

  • Cracks on your interior walls
  • Doors getting jammed
  • Unusual cracking or popping noises
  • Sagging ceiling

These problems can indicate that your building structure is in danger: this can be very serious!

Leave Your Flat Roof Snow Removal to Experienced Roofers!
As CAA-Québec has warned, roof snow removal is an operation that involves several risks: falls, electrocution, burial, collapse of the roof, etc. You should therefore entrust the task to certified professionals. At Couvreurs-DM, we remove snow from your flat roof, whether you are on the West Island, in LaSalle, on Plateau-Mont-Royal, in Westmount, in Montreal-North, Saint-Laurent or elsewhere in Montreal. Contact us right away to take advantage of our expertise!