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Couvreurs-DM is proud to be a qualified contractor for the new RénoVert tax credit, which has been recently introduced by Revenu Quebec in order to encourage individuals to invest in eco-friendly renovation work.

What does it mean?

RénoVert tax credit has been temporarily introduced by the Government of Quebec to invite homeowners to choose renovation work that has a positive impact on the environment or that is energy-efficiency.

Am I admissible?

You are admissible if you did eco-friendly renovation work on a property you own or co-own and if this dwelling is recognized as your principal residence or as a winterized cottage that you normally occupy. The work must have been done before April 1, 2018, and the dwelling must be one of the following:

  a dwelling in a residential duplex or triplex

  an apartment in a building held in divided co-ownership (condominium)

  a winterized cottage that you normally occupy

  a permanently installed prefabricated house or mobile home

  a single-family home

The maximum amount admissible for the claim is 10,000$, and that corresponds to 20% of the eligible expenses that exceed 2,500$, paid after March 17, 2016, and before April 1, 2018.

Recognized roofing work

The insulation of the roof and the installation of a green or white roof are some examples of the eco-friendly renovation work that the RénoVert tax credit recognizes. Contact our professional team and ask for a free quote today.

To learn more about the RénoVert tax credit, visit Revenu Québec website now.

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