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Flat Roof Insulation: Stop Wasting Energy ... and Money!

Insulation for flat roofs

According to the Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles du Québec (MERN), you can lose up to 11% of the heat indoors if your flat roof is poorly insulated. That’s bad enough ... but it gets even worse! In this article, Couvreurs DM, flat roof specialists (residential and commercial roofs) in Montreal and the surrounding area, explains why you should pay great attention to the insulation of your flat roof.

The Right Roof Insulation Can Reduce Your Heating and Cooling Costs Construction and renovation experts say poor insulation can push your heating and air conditioning bills up by 30%. Remember that where there is heat loss, there is necessarily a waste of energy AND money! On the other hand, effective thermal insulation - which takes into account the ventilation space required for optimal air circulation under the roof - promotes better energy consumption, which can significantly lower your heating and air conditioning costs. How Do You Know If Your Flat Roof Is Well Insulated? Several signs can tell you that your roof is poorly insulated. Here's what to watch out for:

  • High heating or air conditioning costs

  • Walls and floors that remain cold (in winter)

  • Poor heat distribution from one room to another

  • A problem of excessive heat indoors (in summer)

  • The inefficiency of an air conditioning unit

  • The appearance of mould on the ceilings and walls

If you notice any signs of poor insulation, you must take steps to correct the problem. Don't take any chances because the integrity of your residential or commercial building is at stake! When Is the Best Time to Improve Your Flat Roof Insulation? When the time comes to replace your flat roof, take the opportunity to improve the insulation. First, have the strength of the roof structure checked by experts. And above all, entrust your repair work to a master roofer certified by the Commission de la construction du Québec(CCQ). At all times, our team ensures that the residential, commercial and industrial roofs entrusted to it are insulated according to best industry practices. At Couvreurs DM, we do professional roofing work in Montreal and Laval: Give us a call!


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