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Couvreurs DM, Comprehensive Services for Your Flat Roof on the Island of Montreal and Surrounding Areas

Whether you need minor repairs or have to get major work done, you can count on us. Our roofing specialists have the know-how and experience to take on any project. We offer various professional services and use superior quality materials.



List of Services

Have a look at our list of services to see how we can help you:

Why call on Couvreurs-DM?

Are you looking for professionals to install your flat roof in LaSalle or elsewhere in Montreal? Do business with Couvreurs-DM! Our competent team specializes in the inspection, repair, installation or replacement of your roofs. We offer you a complete and tailor-made service. We take care of your project from start to finish, taking care to take your specific needs into account.


You can count on our roofers for roof inspection, maintenance, repair, replacement and snow removal work, as well as for the installation of elastomeric membranes.


Contact us today for our unparalleled flat roof services in LaSalle and elsewhere on the island of Montreal!

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