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Effective Roof Snow Removal for Your Safety in Montreal!

If your roof is in perfect condition, it can support a certain amount of snow. However, with the Quebec winters that we go through and know very well, the weight of snow and ice on the roof is sometimes excessive. This excess weight can cause severe damage to your roof and building structure.


Commercial roofs, for example, can support about 48 pounds of snow per square foot (234 kilograms per square meter). This weight corresponds to about 24 inches (60 centimeters) of snow or 2 inches (5 centimeters) of ice.


The experts at Couvreurs DM can help you avoid accidents and breakages. We know the weight your roof can support and we know how to remove snow and ice from it without damaging your property.


Think about safety first and trust our professionals for snow removal from your roof whether you are on the West Island, in LaSalle, on the Plateau-Mont-Royal, in Westmount, in Montreal North, Saint-Laurent or elsewhere in Montreal!


Read our blog post to find out when to remove snow from your flat roof and give us a call!

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