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Rely on Experts for Your Flat Roof Repairs in Montreal

Rely on the professionals at Couvreurs DM for your roof repairs in Montreal. All work will be done promptly and professionally. Our experts will advise you, evaluate your needs and repair your roof efficiently. We offer our expertise to residential customers as well as contractors in the commercial and industrial sectors. Whatever your roof repair needs, the Couvreurs DM team can help. Call us!

Whether you have water infiltration, damaged flashings, moss or cracks in the membrane of your flat roof in Montreal, our roofing team is at your service. We offer highly efficient and affordable maintenance and repair services:

Visual inspection of your roof

Assessment of the work to be done and the materials needed

Neat and fast work

Cost estimate for the repairs

We use state-of-the-art equipment along with the most reliable materials and techniques on the market, while keeping your budget in mind. Our roofers in Montreal repair your elastomeric membrane or your sloped roof.


At Couvreurs DM, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance! For an aesthetically pleasing and durable roof, don't hesitate to call us!

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