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Count on the Experts at Couvreurs DM to Renovate Your Roof in Montreal

The complete renovation of a roof is a large-scale project that requires the intervention of a team of professional roofers. The experienced roofers of Couvreurs DM will accurately identify the work to be done, evaluate the costs involved and complete the work as quickly as possible. You will once again find comfort and peace of mind in your home.

Several circumstances can lead to the replacement of a roof, including a significant loss of heat or the presence of insects in the wooden structure. A complete assessment of the extent of degradation is essential to ensure effective roof reconstruction:

Insulation check

Replacement of defective insulation material

Strengthening of the frame

Cover replacement

Our expert flat roof specialists are fully equipped to replace your roof, whether it is perfectly flat or has a slight slope. We will choose the appropriate materials and restore the glory of your home.


Contact us to learn more about our roof renovation services in Montreal.

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