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Specialist in Elastomeric Membranes for Flat Roofs in Montreal

Are you looking for a durable, but low-maintenance coating for your flat roof? At Couvreurs DM in Montreal, we suggest that you opt for an elastomeric membrane.

This flexible and lightweight roof is made of two membranes fused together, a base coat and a granulated finishing membrane as the top coat. This combination gives your roof maximum protection, with minimal maintenance and a lifespan of around 30 years. What more could you ask for?


Only a professional roofing expert has the skills to install an elastomeric membrane. Firstly, we proceed with installing fire protection. Subsequently, we install the undercoat and the granulated layer with a welding torch.  

After this, your elastomeric membrane would only require an annual inspection; a few minimal repairs are all that will take to extend the life of your flat roof by several years.

Sur quel type de toit la membrane élastomère peut être utilisée?

Bien que les bardeaux d'asphalte restent un choix de toiture populaire, les propriétaires de toits plats ou à faible pente préfèrent souvent l'installation d'une membrane élastomère pour sa résistance aux intempéries et sa longévité.


La membrane élastomère est un matériau de choix pour les bâtiments commerciaux tel que les magasins à grande surface. Elle est appliquée soigneusement et méthodiquement sur votre toit pour former une membrane protectrice étanche qui résiste aux chocs, aux variations de température et aux rayons ultraviolets.

A Stable Deck and Ventilation

Before installing your elastomeric membrane, the DM team takes into account two essential criteria for the longevity of your roof: a stable deck and ventilation. Therefore, we carry out a meticulous inspection beforehand in order to guarantee you a well-fitted and well-ventilated membrane, for an outcome that meets your expectations.

Contact us

For the installation or maintenance of elastomeric membranes in Montreal, call on our experienced roofing experts or get a free estimate by filling out our form online. At Couvreurs-DM, we guarantee quality work!


An elastomeric membrane has many advantages. Since it is white in colour, it acts as a barrier against heat islands that build up in large cities such as Montreal. It can be installed both in summer and in autumn. To learn more about the benefits of elastomeric membranes, read our blog post on the subject.

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