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For the Repair and Maintenance of Your Commercial and Industrial Roof In Montreal

At Couvreurs DM, we make sure that the commercial and industrial roofs in our care are properly insulated, ventilated and waterproof at the end of our installation or renovation work. We use a wide variety of high-quality materials to cover flat or flat-pitched roofs in the Montreal area. The main ones are:

Elastomeric Membrane (Modified Bitumen)

This material is ideal for covering large surfaces. Lightweight, eco-friendly and malleable, the elastomeric membrane offers your roof a lifespan of up to 30 years.


Would you like to know more about the characteristics of the coverings we install? Call us or come meet us: one of our advisors will be able to recommend the most appropriate solution for your commercial roof covering in Lachine and elsewhere in Montreal.

Steps in the repair of a commercial roof

At Couvreurs-DM in Montreal, we take the satisfaction of our customers to heart. We are aware of the importance of a commercial roof in excellent condition to ensure the protection of property and people. Our experienced teams have the necessary skills to carry out the work well and offer you superior quality results.


We work in accordance with the standards in force in the industry. Also, before the start of the work, we carry out a complete analysis and we offer you tailor-made solutions. The steps included in commercial roof repairs are as follows:

removal of the existing roof

repair of the roof support if necessary

installing insulation

installation of support panels

laying the waterproof coating on the roof

adding or removing roof accessories

installing metal flashings

Our qualified roofers ensure impeccable finishes and results that meet your expectations. Call us today!

Why call on Couvreurs-DM?

A qualified company and 25 years of expertise in the field

A dedicated and professional team capable of carrying out your roof repair work

Safe work carried out in compliance with industry standards

A complete service that includes the installation, maintenance and repair of roofs

High quality installations and durable coating work

Excellent customer service

The use of top quality materials

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When is the best time to repair your commercial roof?

The roof of your building is starting to get old, and you noticed that it would need repair work? At Couvreurs DM, we specialize in commercial roofing (flat or low-slope elastomeric membrane roofs) in the Montreal and Laval regions. Read this article to find out when you should consult a professional roofer to repair your commercial roof.

What you need to know about maintaining a commercial roof

Do you want to avoid costly repairs or the replacement of your commercial roof in Montreal? Do business with Couvreurs-DM to benefit from our assistance for the maintenance of your roofs. Regardless of the season, a regular and thorough inspection of the roof structure helps to quickly discover roof flaws. Our professionals can advise you on techniques to ensure the proper maintenance of your roofs. In addition, our roofers are also equipped to carry out any modifications or repairs required. Read this article to learn more about commercial roof maintenance.

3 things to consider for your new commercial flat roof

Do you own a commercial building in need of a new roof? At Couvreurs DM, we are the flat roof specialists in Montreal! In order to help you make an informed decision, we present in this article the main points - besides your budget! - to be considered at the time of repair.

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