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Roof Restoration: An Effective Way to Extend the Life of Your Flat Roof in Montreal!

Your lifespan of your roof depends on multiple factors: materials used, expertise of the roofing contractor, varying weather conditions and more. Several elements greatly affect the longevity of your residential or commercial roof.

The best way to detect problems with your flat roof in Montreal is to call upon your roofing expert for a visual inspection. This inspection is usually carried out in spring, after the snow melts. We will identify cracks or any other damage caused by ice or ultraviolet rays, before suggesting specific work to be carried out for restoring your roof.


Before completely replacing your roof, consult a professional from Couvreurs DM. He will be able to suggest some repairs that will make all the difference to the effectiveness of your roof! These suggestions are based on several things, including the warranties you have and the different types of work you have done on your roof over the years.


With our expert advice, you can easily extend the life of your flat roof in Montreal!

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