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What You Need to Know About Commercial Roof Maintenance

commercial flat roof ventilation

The replacement of a commercial roof can generate significant costs. At Couvreurs DM, flat roof specialists in Montreal, we offer you some maintenance tips that will save you money - and help you avoid a lot of hassle!

When Should You Seek a Roof Inspection? The flat roofs of commercial enterprises are subjected to great pressure, particularly with the Quebec climate. It is therefore recommended to carry out a professional inspection periodically to prevent water seepage or sagging of the roof. Carrying out small repairs or adding a roof ventilation unit turns out to be much less expensive than replacing the entire surface. Thus, the maintenance of a flat roof should be preferred in the following situations:

  • In the fall, to prepare the roof for winter and remove debris as needed

  • In the spring, since snow and freeze-thaw can damage the structure

  • After a period of strong winds or inclement weather

  • When you experience temperature changes or unusual humidity in the building, or when your heating costs are suddenly higher than usual

How Is the Inspection of Your Commercial Flat Roof Conducted? First of all, we make sure that no part of the cover is torn or folded up. We also look for the presence of cracks or other potential entry points for water seepage. In addition, we observe if there is deformation of the surface, which may indicate a possible collapse of the structure and require some minor modifications. Finally, we study the condition of the roof ventilation system and suggest the addition of a duct if we deem it necessary. After getting your approval, we carry out the necessary repairs, whether by adding gravel or by repairing a section of the roof, for instance. How Can You Maintain Your Commercial Roof? To extend the life of your flat roof, follow these recommendations:

  • Remove any debris that could damage the structure, especially in the fall

  • Check if the storm drains are clear and clean the gutters so that the water moves away from the surface as quickly as possible

  • Opt for regular snow and ice removal from your flat roof, especially after heavy snowfall.

At Couvreurs DM, we have the expertise and manpower to perform this type of task safely and without damaging your building. For the maintenance or repair of your commercial roof in Lachine, Dorval or elsewhere on the island of Montreal, trust our team at Couvreurs DM - Contact us!


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