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Why Should You Inspect and Maintain Your Flat Roof in Montreal?

It's easy to forget about your flat roof, because you never see it! Unfortunately, when a flat roof is relegated to oblivion, it wears out, becomes less waterproof and it ends up having to be replaced prematurely – which can be very expensive! At Couvreurs-DM, flat roof specialists (replacement, repair and renovation of commercial and residential roofs) in Montreal, Laval and the surrounding areas, we invite you to read this blog article which shows you the importance of regularly ensuring that your flat roof is in good condition.

Inspection: The First Thing to do for Preventive Maintenance of Your Flat Roof
Whether your roof is covered in asphalt and gravel or elastomeric membrane, preventive maintenance must begin with a rigorous inspection by a professional roofer. Do you want to do a pre-inspection yourself? Here's what you need to pay attention to:

  • Puddles of water
  • Cracks and warping
  • Irregularities in the covering
  • Burst asphalt bubbles
  • Parts that are curling up or flaking off
  • The presence of plant moss, insects or animals;
  • Cracked caulking
  • Broken or worn out seals

If you notice any of these problems, it is imperative to remedy them as soon as possible to avoid further wear and tear on your roof. You should pay special attention to water infiltration problems, which can affect the structure of your building.

The Advantage of Doing Business with Roofing Experts for Your Flat Roof Maintenance
Of course, you can do the inspection and maintenance of your flat roof yourself if you do not get vertigo and if you follow the CNESST safety rules applicable to portable ladders and stepladders.However, when you're dealing with a professional roofer, you get a major advantage: you're benefiting from the kind of expertise that can save you a lot of money! In fact, an experienced roofer can recognize the subtle signs that indicate problems before they take hold. And remember that maintenance work (adding gravel, repairing the membrane, etc.) will cost you significantly less than replacement!

Are you the owner of a flat-roof residence or building? At Couvreurs-DM, we suggest preventive maintenance twice a year: in the fall after the leaves come down, and in the spring when the snow has melted.

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