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How to Prepare for the Arrival of Roof Experts for Roofing Work?

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Planning to hire a roofing company to do some work on your home? For the sake of your well-being and your satisfaction, our team at Couvreurs DM offers you some practical advice to prepare you well for your roof repair. Happy reading!

Comply with All the Required Formalities:

  • Check with your municipality about the permits to be obtained for carrying out the work

  • Talk to the roofing contractor to find out who takes care of this obligation (him or you)

  • Check that the company you are doing business with is reliable and that its work is covered by liability insurance

  • Make sure you comply with roof ventilation standards – discuss this with your trusted roofing professional

Free the Access Points:

  • The team of roofers will surely pass through your courtyard: try to facilitate the comings and goings of workers and remove bulky items or objects that could be damaged

  • Dogs are our friends, on the other hand, to prevent them from escaping or anyone being bitten, consider putting them on a leash or keeping them indoors

  • Workers sometimes need access to the loft (attic): make sure you know where the entrance is and clear it

Protect Your Property:

  • If your contract does not include the protection of your flower beds, cover them with tarpaulin or hessian before the roofers arrive

  • If the work requires going through the loft, keep the objects near the entrance protected from dust and keep fragile items away

Remain Available:

  • To avoid schedule related issues or bad surprises, ask about the estimated duration of the work to be performed in advance

  • Open the door to the roofers and guide them if they have to go through the interior of the building

  • Stay on site or be available by phone to answer any questions that may arise during an inspection, repair or restoration of your roof

Experienced Roofers in Montreal At Couvreurs DM, we specialize in commercial, industrial and residential roofing. Are you looking for an excellent roofer for flat or flat-pitched roofs in Ahuntsic-Cartierville, on Le Plateau-Mont-Royal or elsewhere in Montreal? Contact our team today for a free estimate!


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