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Water Seepage: Is It Your Roof Leaking or a Plumbing Issue?

roof water infiltration

Whether it's water dripping from the ceiling, a brownish stain on the ceiling, or blackening in some areas, a leak should always be taken seriously. At Couvreurs DM, specialists in flat roofs in Greater Montreal (LaSalle, Rosemont, Saint-Léonard, etc.), we have written this blog article so that you can differentiate seepage coming from your roof from seepage from the piping. Happy reading!

Possible Causes for a Leaking Roof Although very strong and waterproof, flat roofs wear out over the years due to the Quebec climate which puts them to the test. Elastomeric membranes, for example, lose flexibility and are less resistant to varying weather conditions. They can then crack, peel, or warp, allowing water to collect and seep in different places, until signs of the problem appear in your building. Seepage from Piping If you notice water seepage, you must make sure that it’s not due to a plumbing issue before contacting a roofing expert. You will have to determine the location(s) where you can spot water flow or the presence of moisture. Some signs are more commonly related to a plumbing leak, including the following:

  • The leak is located in the bathroom or kitchen

  • The leak is in the basement or on the first floor and there is no sign of it on the upper floors

  • The leak is not far from the drain line connected to the drain on the roof

If your visual inspection has enabled you to identify any of these points, then you will need to call a plumbing professional, as your plumbing is most likely the culprit. Seepage from the Roof You feel that the seepage is not caused by a plumbing problem? See if you can confirm your doubts with these signs usually associated with a defective roof:

  • The leak is on the highest floor and, at times, gets accumulated and flows downwards to the lower levels

  • The paint is peeling, has blackened or is present all along the walls

  • There is water flow that occurs whenever it rains, whether there are high winds or not

Everything seems to suggest that you are facing water seepage issues coming from your flat roof? At Couvreurs DM, we repair, renovate and restore roofs in LaSalle, Rosemont, Saint-Léonard, and throughout the Montreal region. Contact us!


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