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Couvreurs-DM provides roofing installation and replacement services in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. With more than 25 years of experience under our belt, we are very happy to share our expertise with you. Check our blog regularly for information and tips on roof maintenance and repairs.

  • commercial flat roof
    Things to Consider for Your New Commercial Flat Roof

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  • 01/05/2020
    4 Signs It's Time to Renovate Your Flat Roof

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  • Water damage
    Water Damage: Is It Your Roof Leaking or a Plumbing Issue?

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  • White Roof
    Where in Montreal Are White Roofs Mandatory and Why?

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  • Commercial flat roof
    What You Need To Know About Commercial Flat Roof Inspection

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  • Flat roofs in Montreal
    How to Prepare Your Property for Roofers

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  • New triplex with a flat roof in Montreal
    A Short History of Flat Roofs in Montreal

    Looking down from an airplane, you can see that many buildings in the City of Montreal have flat or very low slopes roofs. Why is this? At Couvreurs-DM, we specialize in flat roofs everywhere from Lasalle to St-Leonard, from Old Montreal to Ville St-Laurent and elsewhere in Montreal and the West Island. In this article, we reveal how something that seems so normal to Montrealers is actually a big part of the city’s history. Once you read this, you’ll probably never see roofs the same way again!

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  • Flat roof repainted in white to reflect away heat
    With Global Warming, Will White Roofs Become the Norm?

    The scientific community and environmental groups are sounding the alarm: climate change is a phenomenon that can no longer be ignored. Although initiatives are being put forward in several parts of the world, it is obvious that it is not enough to prevent the increase of droughts and the extinction of animal and plant species, among others. At Couvreurs-DM, flat roof experts in the Montreal area (Rosemont, LaSalle, Saint-Léonard, Saint-Laurent, etc.), we contribute in our own way to the environmental cause by installing white roofs. Read on to find out more!

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  • Flat roof snow removal Montreal
    When Should You Clear Snow Off Your Flat Roof?

    In the middle of winter, between clearing snow from your driveway, your stairs, your balcony and your car, did you think of your roof? It is in fact very important to clear the snow if too much has accumulated on the roof of your home, office building or plant. At Couvreurs-DM, flat roof experts in Montreal and the West Island, we do the job for you. In this blog article, we explain when and why you need to have your roof cleared.

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  • flat roof roofer Montreal North
    At Couvreurs-DM We Take Care of Your Flat Roof, Everywhere in Montreal and the West Island!

    Do you have to inspect, repair, install or replace your flat roof? If so, call on Couvreurs-DM, YOUR flat roof experts in Montreal and the West Island! In addition to providing courteous, personalized service, our experts do all your work quickly and thoroughly. In this blog post, we present our incomparable services! Enjoy!

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  • flat roof crane Montreal
    The Crane: A Roofer’s Vital Lifting Device!

    Doing work at height presents challenges that roofers face on a daily basis. At Couvreurs-DM, we know that the use of a crane can greatly facilitate the work of roofing specialists. Read this article to learn more!

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  • Safely flat roof snow removal
    How to Safely Clear Snow off a Flat Roof

    When snow piles up on the roof and warmer weather comes in with rain and sleet precipitation, the snow on the roof can get so heavy that the entire structure of your building is in danger. At Couvreurs-DM, flat roof specialists in Montreal and Laval (elastomeric membrane, replacement, renovation and repair of residential and commercial roofs), we invite you to read this blog to find out how to safely clear snow off a flat roof.

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  • Commercial Roofing
    Commercial Roofing: The Benefits of Asphalt and Gravel

    Do you want to put a new roof on your commercial building? Are you looking for an economical yet durable roofing material? If so, an asphalt and gravel roof makes the most sense! In this blog, Couvreurs-DM, a company of experts in the installation, replacement and renovation of commercial roofs in Montreal and Laval, will tell you all about the advantages of this material for flat-roof buildings. Enjoy!

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  • maintain your roof
    Why Should You Inspect and Maintain Your Flat Roof in Montreal?

    It's easy to forget about your flat roof, because you never see it! Unfortunately, when a flat roof is relegated to oblivion, it wears out, becomes less waterproof and it ends up having to be replaced prematurely – which can be very expensive! At Couvreurs-DM, flat roof specialists (replacement, repair and renovation of commercial and residential roofs) in Montreal, Laval and the surrounding areas, we invite you to read this blog article which shows you the importance of regularly ensuring that your flat roof is in good condition.

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  • elastomeric membrane
    Elastomeric Membrane for Flat Roofs Advantages that Make All the Difference

    One of the most popular roofing products for flat roof owners is the elastomeric membrane, which has been a staple for more than 40 years. At Couvreurs-DM, specialists in flat roof replacements in Montreal and Laval (residential, commercial, industrial roofs), we believe that the advantages of the elastomeric membrane are very worth considering when you have to replace your roof. Read this blog article to discover all the benefits of this unique and durable material!

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  • commercial roof
    When Is the Best Time to Replace Your Commercial Roof?

    Have you noticed the roof on your building is starting to get old, and needs to be replaced? At Couvreurs-DM, we specialize in commercial roofing (flat roof or low slope, elastomer membrane or asphalt and gravel) in the Montreal and Laval regions. Read this article to find out when you should consult a professional roofer to replace your commercial roof.

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  • Five tips to choose your roofer
    Five Tips on How to Choose Your Roofer

    Do you own a business, a factory or a residence and are looking for a reputable roofer to repair or replace your roof? In this article you will find five expert tips that will guide you in your steps. Enjoy!

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  • Flat roof insulation
    Flat Roof Insulation: Stop Losing Energy ... and Money!

    According to the Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles du Québec (MERN), You can lose up to 11% of the heat indoors if your flat roof is poorly insulated. That’s bad enough ... but it gets worse! In this article, Couvreurs DM, flat roof specialists (residential and commercial roofing) in Montreal and the surrounding area, explains why you should pay great attention to the insulation of your flat roof.

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